Privacy Policy

Quantum Service and Logistics Pty Ltd ("QSL") acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. We advise that much of the information that you may have provided, or may be asked to provide to QSL, is "personal information" as defined by the Privacy Act 1998.

As a general rule, personal information is not released to other individuals or organisations, except in response to a legal requirement such as a subpoena, and information regarding an individual is not disclosed to a third party, without the individualís consent.

This information is normally collected for the purpose of processing your request for repair of product, by QSL. It may be used for keeping you informed of the progress of your job and/or advise for payment and collection of the repaired item.

The provision of this information is voluntary, but if information is not provided, QSL may not be able to process your details for the purpose for which they were intended.

All information collected by QSL will be kept secure and you have the right of access to, or modification of your record at any time. To arrange access to personal information we know about you, please contact our office on +61 2 8767 2200.